Ok, so when SignWriting is finally accepted and recognized by the you envision SignWriting beginning to blossom and flourish and succeed to the extent, that perhaps by the year 2000, it will be used in the various institutions all-over and perhaps internationally?

Well, I think for any idea to take root, you have to start with the place or community from which it is stemming. Once you have it growing and blossoming there, then you can begin to have it spread and flourish throughout the rest of the nation.

So when SignWriting does grow and proliferate through literature and as a writing system, what similarities would then take place, such as what happened with your language, the Arabic language? Would you please expound to what has happened historically with Arabic.

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The above was signed in ASL by Denny Voreck
and Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid in 1995
on the video entitled
Deaf Perspectives on SignWriting, Video 2.

The English text is a word-for-word transcription of the English voice-over on the video, by interpreter Pasch McCombs.