Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting

1990 was a year rich with accomplishments for our Deaf Action Committee. Below is a summary of 1990 achievements:


1. Annual Membership Meeting...Feb. 25, 1990. DAC staff members Petra Horn, Paulette Sottak, and Karen van Hoek presented Sign Writing to approximately 50 people in La Jolla, California.

2. Bettendorf, Iowa...March 27, 1990. Many thanks to Celeste Sievers of the Bettendorf Library for arranging this Sign Writing presentation.

3. La Jolla Country Day School...April 25, 1990. This demonstration for fourth graders taught the children a little about deafness and Deaf people. They also had a chance to type fingerspelling by computer.


1. Copenhagen, Spring Workshop...April 2-5, 1990. Paulette Sottak & Valerie Sutton taught a four-day workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. Many thanks to the Deaf Center For Total Communication in Copenhagen for letting us use their classrooms. Both Deaf and hearing participants from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland & the Netherlands attended.

2. Teacher Training...Summer & Fall, 1990. Seminars were held to train new Deaf instructors on the DAC staff.

3. Washington DC, Fall Workshop...Oct. 22-Nov. 22, 1990. Gallaudet University workshop in Sign Writing taught by Charles Butler.

4. San Diego, Fall Workshop...Sept. 22-Nov. 10, 1990. Held at Valerie Sutton's home in La Jolla, California, taught by Paulette Sottak, Crystal Finley and Valerie Sutton.

5. Los Angeles, Fall Workshop...Nov. & Dec. 1990. Taught by DAC instructor Crystal Finley to seven participants in Hawthorne.

Instruction Materials Published in 1990:

1. Lessons In Sign Writing...First Edition. A new text & workbook by Valerie Sutton, replacing the old text SignWriting For Everyday Use.

2. Sutton's American Sign Language/English Dictionary...First Edition. Includes 865 signs.

3. SignWriter // Manual...First Edition. By Richard Gleaves.

4. SignWriter PC Manual...First Edition. By Richard Gleaves. Translated into Norwegian by Ingvild Roald of the Bjørkåsen Skole in Norway.

5. Lessons In SignWriter //...First Edition. A tutorial which teaches how to use the SignWriter // computer program.

6. Lessons In SignWriter PC...First Edition. A tutorial which teaches how to use the SignWriter PC computer program.

7. Lessons In SignBank I...First Edition. A tutorial which teaches how to use the SignBank I computer program.

8. Lessons In SignBank II...First Edition. A tutorial which teaches how to use the SignBank II computer program.

9. SignWriter Newsletter...1990 Issue. Sixteen page newsletter printed in October and distributed to 41 countries in late November.

Computer Programs:

1. SignWriter //...For Apple // computers. Updated by programmer Richard Gleaves.

2. SignWriter PC...For IBM PC computers. Updated by programmer Richard Gleaves. The program is now available in five signed languages: American Sign Language, British Sign Language, Danish Sign Language, Irish Sign Language, and Norwegian Sign Language.

3. SignBank I & II...Desk accessories for Macintosh computers. Updated by programmer Steven Lindgren. There is still more work to be done on these two desk accessories.

4. SignBank III...For Macintosh computers. Computer programmer Steven Lindgren began work on a new version of SignBank that is not a desk accessory but a real program that combines SignBank I and SignBank II features. We hope SignBank will be completed in 1991.

5. Fingerspelling Fonts...For Macintosh computers. These fonts were expanded to include fingerspelling from the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, and the United States.

6. SignBank Fonts...For Macintosh computers. These fonts were completely re-designed to include new developments in Sign Writing.

With Heartfelt Thanks:

1. To Our 1990 Sponsors...Without them none of the above could have been possible! Many thanks to...the R.C. Baker Foundation, Marjorie Mosher Schmidt Foundation, Argyros Foundation, Las Patronas, Home Savings of America, San Diego Community Foundation, TRW, Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation, Beatrice Hunt Wesson Co., Hughes Give Once Club, Rockwell Donate Once Club, Wynn Foundation, Chevron Co. and several other groups and individuals who generously contributed to our success in 1990!

2. To All Our Staff Members...You did a great job in 1990, and we all look forward to more presentations and workshops in 1991!