Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting

In 1995 we completed the following publications:

1. Lessons In SignWriting Video Series & Booklets
Lucinda O'Grady Batch and Kevin Clark taught SignWriting on two half-hour videos, which are now available as educational videos or as TV programs. Each video has an accompanying booklet reveiwing the symbols presented. Published June, 1995.

2. Lessons In SignWriting Textbook & Workbook.
Valerie finally finished the textbook! It has 15 chapters and teaches all of the symbols in SignWriting. It is the central reference book for SignWriting and is useful for advanced study. Published November, 1995.

3. SignWriter Computer Program, version 4.3.
Valerie worked two months, with assistance from programmer Richard Gleaves, updating the symbols in the SignWriter Computer Program, which became the latest version 4.3. Two countries were added, Spain and Portugal.

4. First SignWriter Newsletter Posted On The World-Wide-Web!
In 1995, we established our first tiny little SignWriting Web Site. Richard Gleaves posted the newsletter on the Web on his private home page in Nov. 1995. We hope to post newsletters quarterly in 1996.

Note: This Year-End Report does not mention all of the wonderful workshops and projects using SignWriting around the world. It is only a summary of the accomplishments of DAC and CSMW staff members in 1995....a real short report!