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December 17, 1997

SUBJECT: Plans for 1998

Dear Friends :-)

I am writing to wish you all a very happy holiday. It has been my greatest
pleasure to meet all of you in 1997 and I am truly looking forward to 1998!

We have some exciting plans for 1998, including...

1. The establishment of SIGNWRITING-L. That should improve our communication greatly :-)

2. Testing SignWriting in Schools For Deaf Children. We just received a tiny grant that will help. We hope to donate SignWriting materials, especially the SignWriting Children's Stories Series and videotapes, to teachers of Deaf children. In return the teachers will give us documented feedback. The documentation will then be published on our web site for others to study. If you are interested in participating in this program, please write to me and we can make arrangements.

3. New Children's Stories. Darline Clark is working on the completion of Cinderella, plus two new stories...Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. We already have the drawings for the new stories and they are really beautiful!

4. New Video. We are 75% done with a new video that is a great documentation of Deaf opinions and experiences with SignWriting plus a record of some of the history behind the development of the system. But we need funding to place the voice and captions on the program, and until that is found the video is not complete. It will happen sometime in 1998, as soon as funding can be found.

5. The SignWriter Computer Program, version 5.0, for Windows and the Macintosh. This will then lead to the SignWriting Chat Room on the web, where people can type directly in SignWriting to each other. The testing of this new program will be one of my major focuses in 1998. I have an enormous amount of work in regards to this, because I am adding new symbols and writing all the textbooks and documentation to go with the new program.

6. The Deaf Author's Series. You can find specific information about this new series on our web site. We are inviting Deaf authors to contribute original Sign Language compositions, which will then be transcribed into SignWriting and posted on our web site.

So those are our "New Years Resolutions" :-)

But most important to me, is your continued contact and feedback, which I cherish.

I am now closing our office until January 5th...why? Because I am moving!! I have to leave my present home by January 1st. I work out of my home as you all know, so this means moving the office too!!

For the past 12 years I have lived in the cutest little house three blocks from the ocean, in La Jolla, which is a suburb of San Diego, California. Now I am moving only three miles away, into a brand new place. Of course I feel very fortunate...but as you can imagine...I feel a bit overwhelmed too. I have collected "things" in the past 12 years, and now I must move them - ha!! It gives me a good excuse to throw some things out!

SO...I want to wish you the very happiest of holidays and I truly look forward to communicating with all of you on January 5th (from my new house :-)

Much love -

Valerie :-)



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