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March 28, 1998

SUBJECT: Flashcards

Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 06:48:41 -0500
From: Charles Butler <>
Organization: Ecumenicon

Subject: FlashCards

As an interesting bridge to understanding, some years ago I created a Tarot deck in sign language using Sign Writing to translate the basic spiritual concepts of the ancient spiritual tool into ASL. The readings were always interesting and fascinated both my Deaf and hearing friends. Here is a bridge from a visual intuitive system to a visual language.

This deck is available to anyone interested, I just have to retrieve it and try to retype it all as it is written "receptively" not the present "projective" standard.

Charles Butler


>On March 20, 1998, Ben Karlin wrote...
>I like the flashcards idea and the ABC vocabulary ideas that came out of
>the recent exchanges here (or was >that on TERPS-L? SIGNLL? They all run
>together in my inbox). There is a big push to help out one of the >clients
>here with literacy and I think it may be the motivation for me to get to
>work at introducing >signwriting and english vocabulary as bridges from
>signs to print. Will see how that works out.