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April 26, 1998

SUBJECT: SW Literacy Development

Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 21:05:17 -0700 (MST)
From: Ruth E Kartchner <rek@U.Arizona.EDU>
X-Sender: rek@orion
To: SignWriting <>
Subject: Re: SW Literacy Development

Valerie, thank you for your answer about the possibility of a project in Chile. Yes, I do know people who are fluent in Chilean sign and interested. I will be in Chile in June and will have a chance to visit with them and refer them to you. I have also contacted the office of the Secretary of Education and I hope to get some support there as well.

Ruth Kartchner


>>On April 24th, 1998, Ruth Kartchner wrote:
>>I'm interested in Sign Writing for a project in Chile. Is that possible?
>>or does it have to be here in the U.S.?

>>Ruth Kartchner


>>Hi Ruth!
>When we first started the SignWriting Literacy Project, it was supposed to
>be solely for American Sign Language (ASL), because our materials are
>written in ASL.

>However, since that time, I have received so many requests from other
>countries that I have decided to open the project to other signed languages
>as well. As you will see in future postings, a linguist and native signer
>from Brazil, Ronice M. de Quadros, will be working with me to translate the
>SignWriting materials into Brazilian Sign Language and Portuguese (at a
>future date). We hope we will someday have a Brazilian SignWriting Literacy

>We can do the same for Chile, but we will need to work with someone fluent
>in Chilean Sign Language, who can do the translations of the materials.

>Once we receive the written Chilean Sign Language translation typed with
>the SignWriter Computer Program, then I will do the book layout, so that
>all the materials will look the same, using the same art work etc., but
>simply written in different languages.

>So the answer is yes...except it will take time to develop the project in
>other languages.

>So if you know of someone in Chile who is interested, you are welcome to
>direct them to us :-)

>All the best -