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May 4, 1998

SUBJECT: SW Flashcards

Thank you, Ben, for your interesting message below...I think it is admirable that you are trying to learn SignWriting alone without a teacher. We all learned how to read and write English after years and years of training in school, with plenty of teachers, so it just takes time....and perhaps it also takes some flashcards!!

Which brings up why I am writing. I would like to respond to all of your requests for flashcards...but I will need your help...

I just posted a "sample flashcard" on our SignWriting Web Site. Go to:

SignWriting Flashcards

What do you think? Do you feel that style of flashcard will be useful? If not, what other kind of style would you prefer? I could post more of them, and then you could print them out from the web for free, or....I could offer 25 cards for sale. If they sell, then I could increase the number.

But...I do need your please write back to tell me if you like that style of flashcard.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you - and if you want the list to read your message - remember to say "post to list" in your message :-)

Many thanks!



>Hello all,
>I work with a small population of chronic mentally ill in-patient deaf.
>Because of their many problems they tend to be:

>A Illiterate in English
>B Impoverished in their Sign vocabulary (and cut off from the vitality
>of their language in use in a community)
>C Impoverished in their conversation
>D Undependable in making cognitive connections across Sign-English.

>I have been trying to learn SW for a year now (you're right, not trying
>consistently or trying hard; otherwise I'd have made a lot more
>progress) to give these clients ways to build the cross-language
>bridges, journal, expand their own vocabulary of standard signs. For
>myself it would allow me to document their use of language, write
>scripts for videotaped presentation of frozen texts (like client rights
>postings, etc.) and standardize presentation of information for each of
>the clients.

>I've had a hard time getting started because when I review what I have
>learned of SW it is all so easy, when I go to write or read, it is all
>so hard. I've followed the flashcard discussion very closely because it
>would help me, and give me a basis to start work with the clients. I am
>motivated, but "the flesh is weak."

>I found a box of already printed flashcards: Basic Signing Vocabulary
>Cards Set A and B; 100 Signs with Words per set, published by Garlic
>Press, 100 Hillview Lane, #2, Eugene, OR USA 97401, copyright 1990. My
>sets cost US$5.95 but that was years ago. The sets are geared towards
>Signed English and perpetuate the correlation of A Sign=A Word, at least
>I am not reinventing the wheel. I figure that by using the set with my
>SW Online Dictionary I can go through the entire set in no time at all
>and end up with somewhere around 150 signs in Pictures and English
>Glosses (already on the cards) matched with SW "words".

>Will let you know how it goes in helping ME to learn, then helping the
>clients to learn.

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

>Ben Karlin <>
>Staff Interpreter for the Deaf, St Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
>H007B, 5300 W Arsenal St, St Louis, MO 63139-1494
> 314 644-8270 V/TTY 314 644-8115 FAX


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Looking forward to hearing from you!

Valerie Sutton


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