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From:  Paul Cowley
Date:  Mon May 11, 1998  10:39 am
Subject:  Launching SW-L

Good morning all.

This brief message is simply to announce the launch of the SignWriting
List <SW-L>.

Posting address for this automated LISTSERV List is:

A message sent to this address will be automatically copied and
distributed to all members of the list. Currently the list has
approximately 500 subscribers. If you are familiar with LISTSERV, you
will already be comfortable with the powerful capabilities of this Mail
Distribution Program. If you are not familiar with LISTSERV, you may
wish to visit this URL:

If you have any questions regarding the SW-L, please contact me.

Up thumb, Paul "The Interpreters' Network"
Suite 230, 1326 Huron Street, London, Ontario, Canada, N5V 2E2

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