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From:  James Womack
Date:  Sun May 17, 1998  5:51 pm
Subject:  Re: Post To Your Heart's Content :-)

Good Evening Lauren, and Everyone -
Please post to your heart's content! I think it would be awful if you
like there were "bans" or rules limiting you - I look forward to reading
everyone's messages :-)

I was concerned about spam, but I didn't use that term, and I am sorry I
did not make myself clearer. Within less than 48 hours of the
of the our new list, a non-list other email
that is not subscribed to the list... sent us an announcement about Frank
Sinatra. I don't understand technically how their message could get
through, which is of course a question I will ask Paul on Monday.
Val wrote:
>>>>>And I feel responsible - why? Because I used to run a list where
filtered through me, and I was spammed continually, but no one on the
SignWriting Email List saw this, because I threw the messages out before
they got to you. That was one of the reasons I became so exhausted
the Email List manually. Everyday, I got rid of unnecessary spam, plus I
also answered each request for additions and deletions personally. Now,
with this new public list, I have no control. Which of course is
in many other ways! I was concerned that you would be angry at me that
spam messages got through.<<<<<

Be angry with you? HAHAHAHA If so, I pity the poor misguided
person. Obviously they'd be quite ignorant to do this. Just what
control do you have over some determined spammer to spread
their goo into the list? I can't even keep them out of my private
e-mail so what can you do? And anyone with even rudimentary
understanding of the Internet, how can they realistically blame
you for spam not of your making?

<<<<<<<So I will ask Paul Cowley to inform us next week about the
technical side
to this issue. And once again...I hope you all will post to your heart's

It's spam, Val. Paul will probably tell you this. Despite the best
of anyone, the stuff sqirms through periodically. Being a paste, it
will do that. Basically, I'm saying expect it to happen now that you're
on thenet. Paul is sure to do all he can but remember he has to
supervise quite a few other things including other lists. Even he is
going to fall prey to spam from time to time. It's an unpleasant
reality of being, well, for want of a better word, "netted."

<<<<<<<Boy...I have some neat things to tell you about the Texas School
for the
Deaf, and the New Mexico School for the Deaf...but that will have to wait
until tomorrow.>>>>>>>>>>

Out with it, girl! Don't keep us in suspense.

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