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From:  James Womack
Date:  Sat May 16, 1998  2:35 am
Subject:  Re: Question To The List

On Fri, 15 May 1998 10:44:16 -0700 Ruth E Kartchner
>My feeling is that sometimes it takes comments like the ones today
>(that were not directly related) to help us FEEL LIKE A TEAM. As long as
>numbers stay down, I think we should let it go. If we want to include
>our personal email address, some of those messages can be answered
>directly instead of in the listserv. My two cents worth :)
>Ruth Kartchner

The list exists to exchange ideas, preferrably related to SW. Now, if
the topic gets off SW, it should go private, otherwise letting the
float will merely serve to spark discussion, debate, idea exchanges and
which is what thelist is really about. Problems appear when someone
to dictate what should considered an appropriate response and what is
The idea is to make it SW related even if the person is telling a bear
lie, it still has to be on topic.

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