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From:  Erica Ward
Date:  Sat Apr 10, 1999  1:49 am
Subject:  Re: Schools in Deaf Education?

--- Suzanne DeLaire wrote:
> Erica,
> john's suggestion of usingthe Annuals of the Deaf
> is a good idea. There is
> a complete listing of colleges in that publication.
> He also made a good
> suggestion to check out which programs are the best.
> As an administrator at a
> school for the Deaf in NY, I see students from a
> variety of colleges. Some are
> much better than others.
> You need to look into the requirements for different
> states, to decide whether
> to pursue an undergraduate degree or a masters. In
> NY, I strongly encourage
> students to get their undergraduate degree in an
> area of study that they want
> to teach in, such as elementary or math, etc. and
> then go to an excellent
> graduate program to then transfer their knowledge to
> applying it to a deaf
> student. You need a strong foundation at both
> levels. At our school, we
> require a master's degree in deaf education, with an
> undergraduate in
> education. There are some great programs in the
> East, but I am not too
> familiar with the mid-west. We just had a spearker
> from Western Oregon
> university who is a professor in the Deaf Education
> program and I was very
> impressed. Good luck in your search!
thank you so very muchfor your information about Deaf Education it will
be very helpful in my search

thanks again =-)

Erica Ward
<*}}}>< -peace-
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