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From:  Nancy Sager
Date:  Mon Apr 19, 1999  3:01 pm

Adriana, I have forwarded your request to the California School for the Deaf
in Fremont. There are a number of people there who may be able to help
you. Nancy

>>> Adriana Linares 04/17 6:01 PM >>>
My name is Adriana Linares and I am a student at Florida International
University. I am currently writing a research paper on Deaf Culture
and the Deaf Identity for my Cross Cultural Studies in Education
course. In order to complete my research, I need to interview three
more people who consider themselves part of the Deaf Community or Deaf
Culture. I ask for the Help of anyone that fits that description and
would not mind answering the following interview questions.
Please e-mail me your responses by Monday(4/19/99)afternoon to my
e-mail address:
Thank you for your time and support! I appreciate it very much!!!!=)

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ***(see note below):
1. What is your full name?
2. When and where were you born?
3. Were you born deaf (pre-lingually deaf)
4. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Hearing or deaf ?
5. Is anyone else in your family deaf?
6. How did that affect you as you were growing up?
7. What do you think it means to be Deaf as opposed to deaf?
8. Do you consider yourself part of the Deaf Community?
9. What does Deaf culture and the Deaf community mean to you - how do
you define it/them?,
10. Do you sign? ASL?
11. Were you raised with ASL, was it used at home by your family? If
not, how did you learn it?
6. Do you have Deaf friends?
7. Are they other people in your family who are Deaf (culturally
8. Do you go to Deaf clubs or other places of the Deaf Community?
9. Where did you got to school (Elementary, middle, high school,
10. Did you or anyone in your family go to a residential school? If
so, is that an important part of you or them? Is that something that
makes up your/their identity (who you are) ?
11. If you had to define yourself, what would you say? With what
cultural group do you identify yourself? Would you identify yourself
with the Deaf culture?
12. Do you have a Deaf Identity e what do you consider the Deaf
identity to be? What does it mean to be Deaf?
13. What is important is creating that Identity ?? s it the family, the
language, the schooling, the beliefs learned as a child? Is it
something else? Or a combination of everything?
14. Does the form of communication, degree of hearing, and/or use of
assistive devices affect how you identify yourself as being part of
the Deaf community?
15. Anything else that you can tell me about yourself or your family
that would help me understand Deaf Culture and the Deaf identity?

*** I know that these are a lot of questions, but please answer what
you can. If you're confused about some questions please e-mail
me. Some of the questions may overlap because there are so many
different things I need to cover in my paper that I wanted to make
sure I asked everything. I will incorporate the info you give me
about yourself and your family with the research I have found, such as
the book A Journey into the Deaf-World, research articles (some
written by Carol Padden), and the internet (Cindy's Homepage, Deaf
World Web,, etc).

THANK YOU for you help!!!! You're a lifesaver =)


Adriana Linares =)

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