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From:  John C McReynolds
Date:  Thu Apr 29, 1999  3:13 am

 Dear Valerie:
>How exciting, I just got the materials YEAH.
I wasn't sure how to post this on my web site or didn't even know if you
want it posted so I emailed you directly.  Feel free to post it if you wish.
>We watched the video tapes together today.  I have never so much interaction
>between my child and a video before.  She was correcting my hand shapes as we
>watched and tried to Sign some of the words.  She signed to me that this
>cool.  She laughed as we browsed the Goldie locks and the three bears story
>book.  Then she spotted the flash cards. WOW, she signed almost everyone
>without even knowing what the words were. She was reading the pictures. I
>haven't even started the lessons with her and she loves it and is reading it.
> She said she understands the pictures.
>I'm so excited....
>Dawn McReynolds.

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