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From:  Deborah Holden
Date:  Tue May 4, 1999  4:14 pm
Subject:  Re: introduction

cmf wrote:

> Deborah,
> Welcome to the SignWriting list...I couldn't resist responding to your
> intro since I'm a transplant to New Mexico from New York (which school
> district are you referring to?...what area in NY?)....and am in the very
> 'slow' process of introducing SW to public school Deaf and Hard of
> Hearing students here in the Albuquerque Public Schools. When you visit
> the Teacher's forum on the SignWriting'll find out more about
> our projects...our participation in the SW literacy project and my
> dissertation research project. Both are on 'hold' now, waiting for the
> final APS research committee approval....."any day now", 'any day now',
> as the saying goes!

Dear Cecilia,
I just wanted to thank you for your very informative response to my
introduction and questions. I printed your web site information and plan to
read it tonight at home. I will write you again after I have read it all.
Thanks again. Deborah


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