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From:  Sign4baby
Date:  Tue May 19, 1998  11:38 pm
Subject:  Teaching signwriting


I would like to be a part of your signwriting project. I homeschool my
chidren, so can that count as a school? At this time I have three children, I
say "at this time" because we are in the proccess of adopting another Deaf
child. But as of right now I have three children, two hearing and one Deaf,
all of early elementary school age. I would like to teach my hearing children
signwriting because i feel it will give an interesting aspect to their
learning ASL. I wish to teach my Deaf daughter signwriting because I feel it
will improve her literecy skills, and to also improve her ASL. I feel
signwriting will make ASL more of a complete language for her to
use....written and signed forms. I am still learning ASL and signwriting
myself, and I feel it will really benefit me also. So how do i start? Thank
you for your time.
Orange County CA
P.S. Valerie do you have signwriting workshops in S.D.?

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