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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Thu May 13, 1999  3:23 am
Subject:  Re: Color Coding SW Symbols

[Lourdes Tollette] Val wrote:
So I am writing to ask members of the SW List what you all think....

First to give you some background...

The color coding chart is located at the bottom of this web page:

Color Coding of SW Symbols

You will see that I chose"
body &

There is actually a logic attached to those choices. Movement is "action"
and so it is "red". Green is a warm color, and so facial expressions are
green. And the hands are "mercurial" - in mythology, Mercury was the great
"communicator" - and mercury is a "silvery blue" color, so since the hands
communicate so much in signed languages, I chose blue for the hands. And I
chose yellow for punctuation, because in the USA, road signs are yellow.
Puncutation is like a "stop sign", the punctuation symbols tell you to
stop, pause etc. And like stick figures, the body and arms are black
lines. So I tried to use colors that some people can "relate to".

You can see this color coding used on these three web pages:

Learn To Read lesson

So here are my questions to the SW List...

1. Do you feel that color coding of SignWriting symbols is a good idea?
Does it help to learn the SW symbols? [Lourdes Tollette] The color coding
are great idea for the children to start to learn or adult who being to
learn and it would be better to use color coding.

2. Were my choices of colors logical to you? Or would you have chosen
different colors? [Lourdes Tollette] Well, I am adult and I might choose
to stay with black because I already understand signwriting. If I am new
and I would've take color coding.

One person suggested that we put the color coding in our dictionaries.
Another person suggested that the actual children's stories should be
written in color coding. Right now they are in one solid color, as on this

Goldilocks, Intermediate

3. So do you all feel that the stories themselves, or our dictionaries,
should be color coded? [Lourdes Tollette] Well, Not all but if the
stories and dictionaries are for the children then I think it would good
idea to use color coding.
For example: It is was for beignner use color colding only. Intermediate is
for black (people who already know signwriting)

I appreciate your time and input everyone!

Many thanks -

Valerie :-)

Valerie Sutton


The DAC, Deaf Action Committee for SW
Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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