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From:  Darline Clark
Date:  Sat May 15, 1999  4:42 pm
Subject:  Coloring code


You may have seen my name somewhere...I wrote several children books in
Sign Writing. Also,I am native of ASL and my family is Deaf. I have work
with Valerie Sutton since almost four years.

It is interesting to hear from you all about the color coding for Sign
Writing. If you are aware of Monesstori theory how to teach children to
read English, they use big red circle represents (I forgot which one)
however for example Big red circle represents verbs, blue triangle
represents subject, it has different shapes and colors to represents each
in the sentence of English. It is helpful for children to read English

Now that applies to Sign Writing and ASL, I think it is important for
children to learn each coloring codes to help them reading ASL better and
know the rules of ASL.


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