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From:  Cecelia Smith
Date:  Thu May 20, 1999  11:34 pm
Subject:  Re: is it ASL or MIME?

In a message dated 5/20/99 7:25:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

> Please, please post those pages of tech signs!!


I know you have tons of projects going and little time, and Joe is gonna want
to smack me one for adding to the already incredible demands upon your time..
but that is one resource that I think would be just out of this world!

And, once it is posted, to be able to tell other Deaf people and other
Interpreters that there is a place on the web where they can go for technical
signs... oh my... what it could do for encouraging people to learn
SignWriting <grin>

Cecelia Smith

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1333 Tech Signs Dictionary Valerie Sutton Fri  5/21/1999

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