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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jun 2, 1999  3:43 pm
Subject:  NAD Requests SW Videos

June 2, 1999

Dear SW List!
A few days ago I received an email message from a branch of the National
Association of the Deaf (the NAD) in the USA.

Years ago, back in the late 1970's, when I first started SignWriting, the
NAD was strongly opposed to writing American Sign Language. They didn't
believe it could be done, and told me so!

So I feel very honored that they now have requested all five of our
SignWriting videos, for inclusion in their media library program, which
will distribute the SW videos to libraries across the United States. And
they are offering to donate the captioning of three out of the five, that
are not already captioned.

So I will be working with a branch of the NAD, called the Captioned Media
Program (CMP), making these arrangements. It may take several months before
the videos are available in the libraries, but it is exciting to think that
SignWriting will be available for free in libraries across the USA.

So, at their request, I called them this morning - and I was amazed to find
out that the Deaf people working in their office had requested the
SignWriting videos, and said SignWriting was a "hot topic"!!

What a change from 1978!

Here is some of the information they sent me about the program:


"The National Association of the Deaf (NAD), under contract with the United
States Department of Education: to select, evaluate and caption videos for
the Captioned Media Program (CMP), would like to request your Sign Writing
videos for captioning consideration and also inclusion into our free loan
media library.

Currently we have over 4,000 open captioned videos in our library. We are
allocated funding by the Department of Education to annually purchase 300
new titles for the collection. Your products are needed in the deaf/hard
of hearing community and we would like to help make them more accessible."

National Association of the Deaf
Captioned Media Program (CMP)


Valerie :-)

Valerie Sutton


The DAC, Deaf Action Committee for SW
Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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