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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu May 21, 1998  9:18 am
Subject:  IDEA #1 Posting SW Messages

On Thu, 14 May 1998, Shiona Watson wrote...

>Keep typing or writing your own stories for your child and enjoy them
>together! My 2 1/2 year old just loves his stories and carries them around
>till they literally fall to bits. Already he is being taught the value of
>reading and writing although it will be some years before he can read and
>write himself. A love of books and writing is the first step, and the
>younger the better. Good luck!

IDEA #1 For Sending SW Messages To Each Other

Thank you, Shiona, for the above message. And I know that there are others
here on the list who are eager for a way to type and communicate in
SignWriting with each other. There are many ways to do this, and one way is
the way Shiona did it. Shiona (I believe) downloaded our SignWriter
shareware for free from our web site. And as you can see by what Shiona
mentioned above, she is typing and her child is benefitting from it.

We can all discuss the new software later...

I am writing this message to give you answers for RIGHT NOW :-)

You can download the existing shareware, type messages in a SignWriter
file, and then send those files to each other as attached files. And if the
person on the other end uses the SignWriter Computer Program themselves,
then they can open the attached file and read the message you sent them.

So...for example...I know there are some parents on the list, including
Shiona and "Sign4Baby". You could be creating vocabulary lists for your
children in SignWriter and sending each other attached files right now :-)

I know Shiona and Charles Butler and Ben Karlin, and several others here on
the list, already use SignWriter 4.3. Why not try attaching files to each
other through email?

Tomorrow I will send a message discussing IDEA #2.

Meanwhile, if you want to try IDEA #1, you can download our shareware at:

Download Shareware

And by the way, out of around 50 different people downloading the
shareware, I get around 2 complaints from people who have trouble, so -
please write to me personally if this happens to you. I can send the
shareware file to you on a disk if the problem cannot be solved.

So I hope you start attaching SignWriter files to each other -

All the best to everyone!

Valerie Sutton :-)

Sutton at the DAC
Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
(619)456-0098 voice
(619)456-0010 tty
(619)456-0020 fax

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