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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Fri May 22, 1998  12:06 am
Subject:  Re: Introductions?

Sign4baby wrote:
> My turn......My name is Melissa, and I grew up here in Orange County CA. At
> 16 I moved to Oregon with my parents, finished high school, then joined the
> air force. During my time in the air force is when I became a mother, and my
> world changed! I now have three children, Jimmy 8, Josiah 6, and Miranda 3.
> Miranda was born Deaf. My husband and I both have deafness in our families,
> so it wasnt a shock. We are also foster parents to Deaf kids and hope one day
> we will be able to adopt a Deaf child. We started ASL classes back in 95 and
> have been taking turns attended the classes so the other parent can be home
> with the kids. We have even hosted sign workshops in our home. We love the
> language, and our new Deaf friends. I stumbled across the SignWriting home
> page while searching for proof that ASL is what my daughter needed
> educationally( the schools out here all use S.E.E.). I was so happy to find
> it and Valarie is always so sweet and helpful. So now i am in the proccess of
> learning to SignWrite, and teaching it to all three of my children. I
> homeschool them. All three of my children are bright and a joy to teach. My
> husband works very hard so that i can stay home and teach them. We feel very
> lucky to be together. I have known my husband since i was 11 years old, when
> we met at church youth camp. Well that is about my family in a nut shell.
> I have a question..i am practicing SignWriting and trying to take my
> daughters favorite books and write them in ASL, but i am such a sloppy writer!
> Does anyone know if SignWriting rubber stamps are avalible? You know a stamp
> for face..a stamp for handshape etc.?? I thnk it would really help to create
> childrens books and allow the child to help make them too, and it would be fun
> for making SignWriten posters for kids. Is there such a thing?
> Thanks and nice to meet you all,
> Melissa

Just a short note, have you considered the signwriter software available
via DAC? It will run on about any pc. I have tried the shareware, but
not installed my new "paid for" version, yet. Contact Valerie, I'm sure
she would devote personal attention to it!

Jerry Spillman.

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