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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jun 16, 1999  6:02 pm
Subject:  Confused Messages to the SW List

Geneva Ellis wrote:
>I have a correction in your letter: I'm not Valarie so she may not be
>getting your email. I did send my name in for Signwriting list. Somehow,
>things got crossed? Sincerely, Geneva (not Valarie)


June 16, 1999

Hello Everyone on the SW List!

First, I would like to welcome Geneva to the SW List. You are most
definitely on the SignWriting List, Geneva :-)

And I also want to thank you for telling us that there was a confusion in
your email. Email Lists are never perfect, and sometimes messages do not
always connect properly.

And that is exactly what happend to me today! Eduardo Gheller Morschbacher
from Brazil posted a message to the SW List today, but I did not receive
the message! I only received an empty message. Isn't that strange?

So...when I saw Geneva's message...I looked in the SignWriting List Archive
on the web - and sure enough - there was a message from Brazil from
Eduardo, which I never received!

So...Thank you, Eduardo, for your Portuguese translations - I am most grateful!

So in case other members of the List did not receive Eduardo's message
today, here it is:

Hello Valerie!
> Meanwhile, if someone can do the translation of the words below into
> Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian - I would be
> most grateful!
> Here are the terms that need to be translated -

There are the translation for the terms into Portuguese:

SignWriter 5.0 - I think that this term might be kept as is because is the
name of software, in the same way we have the Word, Access, Powerpoint,
PageMaker, Corel
Draw, etc.

File - Arquivo
New - Novo
Open - Abrir
Close - Fechar
Save - Salvar
Save As - Salvar Como
Print - Imprimir
Quit or Exit - Sair

Edit - Editar
Undo - Desfazer
Cut - Recortar
Copy - Copiar
Paste - Colar
Delete - Excluir
Select All - Selecionar Todos

Type Signs - Sinais
Preview - Previsão
Format - Formatar
Read - Ler
Write - Escrever
Down In Columns (writing vertically) - Escrita Vertical
Left to Right - Esquerda para Direita
Right to Left - Direita para Esquerda
Across the Page (writing horizontally) - Escrita Horizontal
Other Patterns - Outros Padrões

Type Fingerspelling - Alfabeto Manual
Belgium-French - Bélgica - Francês
Brazil - Brasil
Canada-English - Canadá - Inglês
Denmark - Dinamarca
France - França
Ireland - Irlanda
Italy - Itália
Mexico - México
Nicaragua - Nicarágua
Norway - Noruega
Portugal - Portugal
Spain-Madrid - Espanha - Madrid
Sweden - Suécia
Switzerland-German - Suíça - Alemão
UK - Reino Unido
USA - Estados Unidos

Type Words - Palavras
Sign Dictionaries - Dicionário de Sinais
Menus - Menu
Menus in Icons - Menu de Ícones
Menus in Signs - Menu de Sinais
Menus in Words - Menu de Palavras
Menus in Signs & Words - Menu de Sinais e Palavras
Menus in Icons & Words - Menu de Ícones e Palavras
Menus in Signs & Icons - Menu de Sinais e Ícones
Menus in Color - Menu de Cores

Fonts - Fontes
Large - Grande
Medium - Médio
Small - Pequeno
Italic - Itálico
Bold - Negrito
Color Symbols - Símbolos Coloridos
Color Signs - Sinais Coloridos

Help - Ajuda
Lessons In SignWriting - Lições em SignWriting
Lessons In SignWriter - Lições em SignWriter
About SignWriter - Sobre SignWriter
Technical Support - Suporte Técnico

Tools - Ferramentas
Apply - Aplicar
Preferences - Preferências
Lookup - this word have no translation in portuguese. You can help me to
discover the most approached term in portuguese by explaining this
functionality in your software.
Find - Procurar
Replace - Substituir
Jump - Pular para
Margin - Margem
Previous - Prévio
Next - Próximo
Insert - Inserir
Cancel - Cancelar
Untitled - Sem Título
Setup (s.) - Configuração (to setup (v.) - configurar)
Rename - Renomear
Export - Exportar
Country - País
Window Color - Cor da Janela
Paper Color - Cor do Papel
Ink Color - Cor da Tinta
Black - Preto
White - Branco
Blue - Azul
Pink - Rosa
Red - Vermelho
Green - Verde
Orange - Laranja
Gold - Ouro
Light Pink - Rosa Clara
Light Grey - Cinza Claro
Dark Grey - Cinza Escuro
Dark Green - Verde Escuro
Dark Yellow - Amarelo Escuro
Light Blue - Azul Claro

Valerie :-) (the smile is "Sorriso" in portuguese).


Well, that's all and someone can correct my mistakes, if here have one. I
avoided as possible the neologism. For example, the word "Delete" might be
translated into
"Excluir", not the neologism "Deletar" (that's sounds like as in english).
Eduardo :o)


Valerie :-)

Valerie Sutton


The DAC, Deaf Action Committee for SW
Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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