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From:  "T. Shellabarger"
Date:  Sat Jun 19, 1999  5:55 pm
Subject:  Re: Typing Left-Handed SignWriting

>From: Valerie Sutton
>On Thu, 27 May 1999 Wayne Smith wrote:
>>Could there be a
>>Ctrl-Something key that will completely reverse a given sign or (better yet)
>>a given group of signs or even a complete document so that it would reflect
>>how a left-handed signer might produce the signs?

>What an interesting suggestion :-)

I glad you think so. Half my immediate family is lefthanded, and one of the
other half is ambidextrous. (-:
There are also many cousins, nieces, and nephews who are lefthanded as well...

>Actually, to program an "automatic switch", in SignWriter 5.0, from
>right-handed signs to left-handed signs, might be expensive and
>time-consuming to program...and I don't even know if the feature would be
>that useful. We can always re-type the left-handed version the slow way if
>we need to.

So the lefthanded person would just learn to type the way they see signs
rather than the way they express them?
Sounds rather reminiscent of a lot of other workarounds in life for
"lefties." Workable but...

>I would be worried that the "automatic switch" from right to left would not
>always leave you with an accurate document. For example, the hands would
>flop, but the facial expressions would not...or would they? might
>open up programming problems and some linguistic problems as well.

I suppose one could program which features would be "flippable" and which
wouldn't. That part seems rather trivial to me.
(But then I'm not a programmer.) Seems to me the problem is money, not

>Meanwhile, there are not that many left-handed documents, since there are
>not that many left-handed signers :-)

Oh, I don't know. I meet them often, I'm so used to it that I forget to
notice. (-:

Therese Shellabarger -
http:/ Shalom chaverot!

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