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From:  Angus Grieve-Smith
Date:  Mon Jun 21, 1999  8:06 pm
Subject:  Re: ASL Video Transcriptions

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, James R Womack wrote:

> If you the KJV, you risk much because of the archaic language and
> symbolism that even some preachers I meet don't quite get due to the
> cultural biasness and era specific thought.

Ick! You're not actually translating FROM the KJV, are you,
Ronald? Just knowing all the little glitches that have crept into THAT
translation over the years, you'd get something pretty far from the
original if you tried to then translate it into ASL.

The best thing would be to find a group of Deaf scholars who can
read ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Failing that, it'd be best to
work from an annotated edition. A while ago I read Genesis in some
serious scholarly version, and just Genesis took up one substantial volume
with all the notes. The name of the series is escaping me right now; does
anyone else know it?

-Angus B. Grieve-Smith
Linguistics Department
University of New Mexico

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