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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Wed May 27, 1998  2:31 am
Subject:  Attached files

Dear Folks,

While I am not well qualified as a scientist, Paul and I have conducted
a small test per his instructions. I requested the test file
attachment. While my browser, Netscape Gold 3.0 hung when trying to
open the message, my other browser, Netscape Communicator, actually
showed a box below Paul's signature with the filename in it. When I
double-clicked, it properly displayed a fine picture of Paul on my
browser. Just so you all know which one did work and which one did not.

A good friend advised that others might like to look in on my family's
web page. Please feel free, the URL is included with my signature.
Incidentally, the automations are not mine, they are GIF89a files
available to all on the Internet. (Can be sent regular e-mail, at least
with Netscape Communicator).

Jerry Spillman

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