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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Aug 16, 1999  1:31 pm
Subject:  Re: How many signers in the world?

>Hi Valerie and list,
>I know that in Norway we reccon that about 5000 people (out of a total
>population of 4.4 mill) are using sign language as their family
>language. Of these, about 3000 are deaf, most of the rest are their
>children or spouses.



Hi Ingvild and Everyone -

Thanks for your responses. This is very helpful. Today a board member from
a foundation is having lunch with me, and I am busily preparing a report to
show her. I am hoping for further funding - so I have a 22 page report
showing the progress that has been made this summer on the programming of
SignWriter 5.0. I also mention future plans.

The first page of the report discusses the general issues of deafness, and
it also mentions that signed languages are not international etc... And in
this first page summary, I casually mention a few statistics. My
information was based on a write-up listing the statistics back in 1989,
and I realize that they may not be accurate.

So I went up on the web and so far I have only found conflicting
statistics...and ones dated before 1989 too :-)

Does anyone know where on the web we can find accurate statistics on
deafness and signed languages?

Thanks for all your help -

PS. Once this meeting is done today, I will be focusing on the upcoming
school year here in the US, since we have some new schools using
SignWriting this fall - they are starting school in just two weeks - and I
am printing, collating and binding books to be donated to the schools...

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