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From:  James R Womack
Date:  Tue Aug 17, 1999  9:38 am
Subject:  Re: How many signers in the world?

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999 23:11:07 EDT William McGruder

> In a message dated 8/16/99 2:53:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:

> << Or scube diver hand signals >>
> This observation reminds me that those who Sign are not hindered
> underwater when they wish to communicate.

Chip, more than that, there has been talk on two fronts about this.
Back in the 1980's, there was some article I think about Navy
frogmen being trained to employ ASL as it was more informative
than mere signals. I don't know if it ever took flight or not. And it is
my understanding that in California there's a Deaf-heraie group of scuba
divers who practcie the sport and employ ASL as underwater communication

But most divers have their own system of sign/signals.

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