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From:  James R Womack
Date:  Wed Aug 18, 1999  9:08 am
Subject:  Re: Swedish Sign Language

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999 21:28:22 EDT Suzanne DeLaire
> Dawn,

> I am currently working with a group of individuals who are trying
> to convert some Swedish interactive sign programs to ASL. I was really
> surprised on the similarity to some of the spoken words, as well as the
> to Ameriacn signs.

Not surprising considering that many Deaf leaders of other countries
tend to come to Gallaudet for their higher education. During the years
they get "contaminated" with ASL and bring it home with them. It will
have some influence on wherever they take it. I first noticed this when I

saw a video of a Deaf Thia lady explaining what was then the first real
Deaf program in her country. She was not a Gallaudetian herself but teh
who had encouraged and supported her efforts to make a difference in her
local was. Had also acted as advisor and tutor to her. Many signs she
used were
unmistakenly because several were typical of what I often saw at
during that time period but nowhere else. For example the sign she used
to denote
"literature" I have never seen used nowhere else but Gallaudet.

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