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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Aug 19, 1999  6:03 pm
Subject:  Re: Swedish Sign Language

>I have a question. I was wondering if anyone out there is familiar at all
>with Swedish Sign Language. I'm wondering how similar it is to spoken
>Swedish. If anyone has any info I'd be grateful.


August 19, 1999

Hello Dawn and SW List Members...

Although I am no expert on Swedish Sign Language, while I lived in Denmark
I met some Swedish Deaf people, and Swedish Sign Language seemed like a
very different and distinct signed language to me. Of course, within
languages and countries there are many dialects, and more people travel
today, so there are signs that are used on the international scene that
most Deaf people understand. But when Swedish Deaf people sign amongst
themselves, it is my guess that it is a very different language than spoken

As you know, our SignWriter Computer Program offers Fingerspelling
Keyboards from different countries, and one of them is the Swedish
Fingerspelling Keyboard. The keyboard they requested was based on pictures
of the "old Swedish Fingerspelling" and it was very very different, than
the Fingerspelling in Denmark for example, which is a modern
"internationalized" manual alphabet. The old Swedish Fingerspelling
includes some very difficult and unusual handshapes.

I would suggest visiting this web site for more information about Swedish
Sign Language:

International Bibliography of Sign Language
published by the Institute of German Sign Language
and Communication of the Deaf, University of Hamburg

They have an extensive listing on different publications about Swedish Sign
Language, but here are some of them:

"Swedish Sign Language dictionaries:

1. Sveriges Dövas Riksförbund (SDR): Teckenordbok. Borlänge : SDR 1971 -
103 p.

2. Sveriges Dövas Riksförbund (SDR) (ed): Teckenboken. Leksand : SDR 1978 -
221 p.

3. Hedberg, Tomas: Personentecken. Deras härkomst, bildningssätt och
användning. (Forskning om Teckenspråk; XVI) Stockholm 1989

Notice the name Tomas Hedberg above... Tomas learned SignWriting in
Copenhagen with me in 1990...after his dictionary was there
is no SignWriting in the above three dictionaries.

Meanwhile...if you search under "Sutton" you will find 45 old SignWriting
publications listed - some of them I had forgotten myself!

Best -

Valerie ;-)

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