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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Aug 22, 1999  1:19 pm
Subject:  Writing Name Signs

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

>With your system it can change. My plans are to combine SW with written
>words /photos or pictures or actions and signed conversation starting with
>the first days of school-life of my new little pupils. Almost like
>flash-cards. (I can write the name of the pupil together with the SW symbol
>beneath a photo of the child.) So we need to develop the sign-names of
>the pupils.


That's a wonderful idea, Stefan....placing the photo of each student with
their "name-sign" written in SignWriting below the photo - That will bring
intuitive reading immediately!

I know other teachers have also started teaching SignWriting by asking each
child to write their name-sign - that is a good way to start...after all,
hearing children see their names written in their native language all the

Valerie ;-)

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