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From:  CJ Varney
Date:  Mon Aug 23, 1999  5:19 pm
Subject:  Hello!

Hello everyone!
My name is Cherina Varney. My friends call me CJ.
Not only am I a beginner at Signed Writing, I am
also a beginner at Signed Language. I am a
student at our local college studying Deaf
Culture and Sign Language. I will be taking my
3rd Sign Language class starting in Sept. I would
like to eventually use my skills in the ministry.
I am already signing with our church choir. I am
hearing and have no deaf family members. I
believe that this desire to communicate with deaf
people, hard-of-hearing people, and people who
are unable to speak is Divinely inspired. If you
knew me personally, you would have to agree!!!
I hope that me being hearing and a follower of
Jesus Christ doesn't hinder our relationship. :)
I look forward to writing back and forth with
many of you!
In His service!
CJ Varney

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