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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Aug 26, 1999  2:15 pm
Subject:  Re: SWLProject

>Valerie asked...
>Have they learned any spoken language from this, do you think? What do you
>think the children are gaining from learning to read advanced-level
Kathy Akehurst's reply...
>I think that question about spoken language is most interesting and,
>unfortunately, I don't have an answer really! I haven't actually noticed
>anything that would necessarily suggest this, however, I'm wondering if I
>were to be sitting with them and going through an English book - would I
>notice they were able to 'read' it with more ease? Not sure, but I'll keep
>an eye on this and let you know.
>As far as what they are gaining from learning to read advanced level SW?
>They feel great about themselves. They know this is a major project and
>they are part of it and they feel proud of their accomplishments and
>delighted with their abilities. It's wonderful to see and it's giving them
>a REAL tool to use in their life. As well, they'll be good and ready to
>read the barrage of SW materials which will be flooding the planet VERY
>SOON, right Valerie??!

>Kathy Akehurst
>private tutor
>Ontario, Canada

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is nice to know that your students have benefitted in better
self-esteem because of the SW Literacy Project - what more can we ask
for?!! :-)))

My question about learning more spoken language can only be answered
through a true research project, and that is a big job - For such a project
to be accurate, the students reading skills in English would have to be
tested before the project began, and then again after the project is over,
and the results compared...that could be a good dissertation topic for
someone someday....

Meanwhile, back to your group of seven students, Kathy...I guess you need
more reading materials?! Would your students want more?

We actually have hundreds of documents written in SignWriting - but a lot
of them have to be updated with the new way we are writing now...and I have
Darline Clark-Gunsauls' Cinderella three-quarters ready to be
published....and Humpty Dumpty...would those two pieces of literature be of
interest to your students?

Valerie ;-)

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