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From:  "Joseph P. and Connie M. Riolo"
Date:  Fri May 29, 1998  12:39 am
Subject:  Re: An idea for "Curriculum" For Learning SignWriting?

On Thu, 28 May 1998, JDL wrote:
> In regard to the curricula question I have an idea. Tell the teacher to take
> any beginning writing curricula and have the child do the exercises in sign
> writing.
> Also if any book is translated into signwriting in grammar and syntax, and
> visuals are used, it shouldn't break copyright. I would love to work on these
> projects in some way. We even have teachers that could test out the ideas and
> paperwork.

That will be a good start. I am especially looking for a plan that has
the specific steps such as "Step 1: Read Chapter 1. Step 2: Do exercise
#1. Step 3: Read Chapter 2." and so on.

You have valid concern about the copyright. Those who are not familiar
with the copyright should take some time to learn what is permissible
and what is not permissible.

> I am also a students advocate for our local school district. Sign Writing is
> paradigm shift. These children will be shaping the future. This is an
> excellent tool that will be in great demand. We all need to strongly
> our schools through the IEP to take these tools and fly.

"Paradigm Shift" How I love these words! Unfortunately, it takes many
years for the shift to percolate through the institutions, communities or

Joseph Pietro Riolo

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