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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Aug 30, 1999  11:17 pm
Subject:  SignWriting In Kentucky

James Womack wrote:
>Valerie and list members. I am currently at the starting
>gate to bring SW to KY's education system. In coming days,
>I will very likely ask many things to help me formulate a
>proposal and program to bring before the Dept. of Education
>and coordination with Dr. Laurence Hayes.

>Question one: May I havethe list and contact sources of all the USA
>programs currently applying SW in Deaf schools and/or mainstream

>James Womack

August 30, 1999

Hi James!!
Congratulations on all you are doing in Kentucky ....of course we will do
what we can to help :-)

To answer Question one, are some of the schools to contact...I
know that Cecilia Flood, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is teaching several
different classes of Deaf children in two or three public schools right SignWriting is being taught in mainstreaming schools....


Albuquerque Public Schools
Contact Teacher: Cecilia Flood

Caldwell Elementary School, Wichita, Kansas
Contact Teacher: Diana Smith

Homeschool, Lewis Family
Contact Teacher: Michele Lewis

Homeschool, McReynolds Family
Contact Teacher: Dawn McReynolds

Jordan Vocational High School, Columbus, Georgia
Contact Teacher: Cynthia Frey

Private Tutor, Ontario, Canada
Contact Teacher: Kathy Akehurst

Robarts School For The Deaf, Ontario, Canada
Contact Teacher: Paul Cowley

Texas School For The Deaf, Austin, Texas
Contact Teachers: Dr. Vicki Everhart & Christine Sicoli

What Do Schools & Teachers Say?
Teacher at the Oregon School For The Deaf

What Do Schools & Teachers Say?
Private Tutor of Deaf Students, Ontario, Canada

What Do Schools & Teachers Say?
Teacher at the Caldwell Elementary School,
Hearing Impaired Program, Wichita, Kansas


And there is one more in New York state - more about that later!

Valerie ;-)

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