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From:  Steve/Dianne Parkhurst
Date:  Mon Jun 1, 1998  8:27 am
Subject:  Spanish SL dictionaries

Hi, everybody!

Valerie recently referred to the SW dictionary in Spain. Before we get any
requests for copies of the dictionary, we just wanted to let you all know
that it's not in any kind of shape to distribute yet. It's made up of our
notes as we learned Spanish SL, and it's never been checked with Deaf
signers. Please don't write and ask for a copy. In a year or two (or
however long it takes once we find native signers who have time and
interest in helping revise it) we'll send a message and let everybody know
how to get a copy if they want to, OK? Thanks!

Another thing about "Spanish Sign Language": if you're interested in
learning the SL from a Spanish-speaking country in Central or South
America, it's not Spanish Sign Language. Spanish SL is used only in Spain.

The National Confederation of the Deaf in Spain is working on an updated
dictionary. The old dictionary is out of print (and at 800-plus pages, too
large to photocopy and distribute). The Confederation is hoping to have the
new one ready sometime in 1999. Last we heard, they're planning to produce
a printed version (with line drawings) and a CD. When we hear that the
dictionary is ready, we'll be glad to inform the list members.

Keep up the good work, all of you!

Steve and Dianne Parkhurst

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