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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Sep 3, 1999  7:36 pm
Subject:  Re: Sign Writing program

>Hi everyone,
>I am new to the list, and I was wondering about something. I am interested
>in the sign writing program that is on the site. I was wondering if anyone
>knows how much the registration fee is for the program. I know that is
>share ware, and for shareware there is a registration that goes with it.
>So I was wondering if anyone knows that.


Hello Deborah -
Welcome to the SignWriting List!

Sorry I didn't get back to answering your private email message sooner -
This is a very busy time of year.

I try to answer messages posted to the SignWriting List first and foremost,
so you caught my attention :-)

The shareware is free. I guess it should be called "freeware" instead...
You can download it anytime from our web site:

Download SignWriter Shareware
version 4.3 for MS-DOS

We are a nonprofit, and most of us donate our time to work with
SignWriting. It costs money to print the materials and post the web site
information. So, if you can afford to help us, that would be a
blessing....but it is NOT a requirement - the shareware is free.

If you are interested in helping us continue, then these pages explain how
to go about it:

Our Nonprofit Organization

To Sponsor the SignWriting Literacy Project

If you have any questions, when using the Shareware, just write to the SW
List...that will give you faster tech support - ha!

And thank you, Deborah, for your thoughtfulness -

Valerie ;-)

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