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From:  Martin 'Lolly' Lorenz
Date:  Thu Sep 16, 1999  9:42 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing not drawing

What you, Valerie Sutton wrote to me. received Thu, Sep 16 at 19:09 CEST
|> Hi Everyone -
i very much agree with what you wrote

|> Does it make a difference to any of you, when a person uses the term "draw"
|> versus "write"? How do you feel about this?
i once hat a boy in a youth group who had a down-syndrom
(you know, what that means?)

he always refered to writing as "drawing letters".
he knew the word "letter" but combined it with the verb "to draw"

we tried hard to teach him that there is a difference between
writing and drawing but we failed.
at the end we got used to it and it stayed as a "running gag"
in this group. long after this boy had left we still sayed
we were "drawing letters" when we ment writing (german in our case).

Martin "Lolly" Lorenz

Microsoft, I think, is fundamentally an evil company.

the more daring thing mostly is
to question the known
than to explore the unknown

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