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From:  Neil Bauman
Date:  Wed Sep 22, 1999  6:54 pm
Subject:  Re: Anyone know the answer?

Hi Valerie:

>I was large would you estimate the deaf and hard of hearing
>population is in the United States.

Well, the most conservative estimates are one in 10 people (10%) have a
significant hearing loss--so that would mean that you have at least 27,000,000
HOH people in the US. However, it's higher than that by some factor. I'll bet
at 15% have a hearing loss to some degree and it may be even more (and that
would be over 40,000,000 then).

The figures I use are about 30,000,000 in the US and about 3,000,000 here in
Canada (our population is about one tenth the size of yours).

As a matter of interest, 86% of the people with hearing losses either deny
have a hearing loss and/or do nothing about their hearing loss. This is a


Neil Bauman
Box 1233
Three Hills, Alberta CANADA T0M 2A0

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