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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Sep 30, 1999  1:22 pm
Subject:  Re: Question About Epson Printers

James Womack wrote:

>In general, modern printers do not care about what they
>print. If you have the driver for the software, it prints.
>If you use Windows 95-2000, it prints because universal
>or Microsoft compatible drivers are present.


Hello James - Thanks for this comment. Isn't it great that modern printers
work so well?!...Windows is a great improvement over MS-DOS, because it has
a lot of the printer driver information "built in" to the system software.

As you know, until we have SignWriter 5.0 ready, which will work from
Windows, we are working in MS-DOS with SignWriter 4.3.

And SignWriter 4.3 lacks the printer drivers of the more modern programs,
so people have to work harder to get their documents to print, because the
three drivers we do have, are very general, and so there are many possible
ways of connecting between our software and printers. It is like "mix-and
match" with interfaces and modes, and people oftentimes have to read their
printer manual first, to be able to get SignWriter to print.

So that is why we are working so hard on SignWriter 5.0!

Meanwhile, I am glad to know that Jerry has several dot-matrix printers
that are working...that is great!

Val :-)))


Valerie Sutton

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