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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Oct 4, 1999  5:32 pm
Subject:  Re: Question About Epson Printers

>Thanks for your advice about printers.
>Will the new program come with more drivers?
>Will you be able to cut and paste from other programs.
>And a very important feature would be if the boxes would be very clearly
>marked so that you will know if you have put too much information in the
>Pastor Ronald & Judith Dettloff


Hello Ron and Everyone -

The new program, SignWriter 5.0 will be quite different than the old
program, SignWriter 4.3. Why? There are many reasons, but one of the most
important factors is that the operating systems are very different. MS-DOS
is not like Windows. They "operate" differently. And "stand-alone" java
applications, such as SignWriter 5.0, are still quite rare.

I am sorry I cannot tell you more, Ron. We haven't even faced printing from
SignWriter 5.0 yet - stand-alone java applications did not have good
printer support from Sun Java until recently, and our programmer has not
started the printing aspects of the program yet.

Just know that SignWriter 4.3 and SignWriter 5.0 will be very different
from each other. No comparisons can be made right now until SignWriter 5.0
is up and running...we will just continue to work on the new program until
it is useful. Meanwhile, I am sure there will always be people who will use
SignWriter long as there is MS-DOS in the world....

I do not understand your question about boxes...what boxes do you mean?

Thanks for your questions, and feel free to continue to ask them :-)



Valerie Sutton

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