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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Oct 5, 1999  5:17 pm
Subject:  Gifts from around the world...

October 5, 1999

Dear SignWriting List!

I have been so blessed lately - all kinds of wonderful gifts have been sent
to me from around the world...

A gift from Albuquerque, New Mexico....Teachers Cecilia Flood and Lorraine
Crespin, and some of the students learning SignWriting there...sent me
"thank you notes" written in SignWriting!! They even included some
wonderful photographs, showing the students demonstrating what they
wrote....It was a dream come true and I will treasure it - Many thanks to
everyone in Albuquerque :-)

A gift from Germany ...Teacher Stefan Wohrmann just sent me a "thank you
note" written in German Sign Language, and the name signs of his students
and fellow teachers - really wonderful! Many thanks to you and all your
students, Stefan!

And a wonderful gift from Peru - I received a hand-crocheted sweater from
Lidia, a Deaf woman in Lima, Peru, who is learning SignWriting with Juliana
Palmer. The sweater is absolutely beautiful, and it fits me! It is a bright
turquoise, and Lidia was so thoughtful to crochet in a "non-wool" yarn...I
will definitely wear it....Many thanks to Lidia and everyone in Peru!!

Smile :-))))

Have a great day everyone -



Valerie Sutton

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