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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Wed Oct 6, 1999  4:17 am
Subject:  writing & drawing

Hi. I'm testing; A while ago I wanted to respond to this but my
computer wouldn't let me--I'm trying to see if it will now. (I've
been good you see....)

My Chinese teacher definitely agrees with you on this. Many times during
our class students mention how to "draw" a character, and the teacher
always corrects them, stressing that these characters are language, and
that they are not drawing pictures, they are "writing." Sounds right to
me, too.
original message:
On Thursday, Nov 16, Valerie wrote:

In English, people say that we "draw a circle" but we "write the letter O"
even though both symbols are the same. This is important from a
psychological sense...some people see drawing as "less sophisticated" or
"less meaningful" than writing.

And because SW has a visual quality to it, I want people to realize that
the symbols are meaningful, and are written by hand everyday.

So for that reason, I choose not to use the term "draw" when referring to
writing signs in SignWriting. SignWriting does not require artistic
to write more than writing English does, so I want to emphasize

Does it make a difference to any of you, when a person uses the term
versus "write"? How do you feel about this?

Valerie ;-)

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