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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Fri Oct 8, 1999  12:12 am
Subject:  Re: Writing vs drawing

While Fernando has presented many well-placed and learned statements, as
have others before him, may I enter a few brief words from an
"uneducated" (my) viewpoint.

When we speak of a font for computer use, we use terminology such as, "a
well-drawn font", or "a fine artistic rendering of the printer's art".
Could it just be that to print something formally, as with a typewriter,
teletype machine, wordprocessor, or computer printer, that the letters
had to be drawn by someone before we could use them. Could it just be
that writing is a very special way of drawing which exudes personality,
and even to some extent, being?
I think that "the calligrapher's art" refers to a personalized way of
drawing that yields a beautiful product, appreciated by all who read it,
just as a painting, yet it is writing. I think we take no insult in
having called SignWriting a form of art, because it allows expression of
one's self that "really" speaks to us. So, could it just be that
SignWriting is both drawing and writing, depending only upon the


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