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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Oct 9, 1999  2:49 am
Subject:  Re: Question About Epson Printers

>I mean the boxes that you put a sign in or write text in. If you put to
>much info. in then it will not format to columns. So it would be nice to
>know if I went over the imaginary line.
>Pastor Ronald & Judith Dettloff


Hi Ron -
That is a good point. Since we don't have that feature right now, I would
suggest measuring the widest sign possible (that fits into the vertical
columns) and try to keep within those measurements when you are typing
horizontally...perhaps you can eyeball it...why not share with us how wide
you can go?!

For those on the SW list who may not know what we are talking about
(grin)....Ron is referring to a small add-on program called ColumnMaker,
which can be used with the SignWriter Computer Program. It is a special
little program that converts files that have been typed horizontally into
documents with vertical columns. Considering that ColumnMaker was created
long after SignWriter 4.3 was created, it is amazing that it works as well
as it there are limitations to ColumnMaker. One of them is that
it only works with Laser Printers.

And Ron is referring to another drawback which is.....the original
horizontal file cannot have signs that are "too wide". If there are very
very wide signs, then, when the document is converted to vertical columns,
the very wide signs "hit" the"side-margins" of the vertical columns, and
there is no room to place them - so ColumnMaker forces you to go back into
the horizontal document and make the signs skinnier so they can fit into
vertical columns - it can be done but it is very annoying!!

SignWriter 5.0 will be working differently....this problem is already
solved in SignWriter 5.0....thank goodness.

Val :-)


Valerie Sutton

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