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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Oct 9, 1999  10:16 pm
Subject:  blending writing systems...

> Another question, have you thought of integrating William Stokoe's
>notation system with SW?
>Pastor Ronald & Judith Dettloff


Smile. The Stokoe system and Sutton SignWriting were born from two
different worlds, and had, at least when Dr. Stokoe and I first invented
our respective systems, very different goals. Dr. Stokoe and I have
discussed this before and we both agreed on this point. I made a
presentation in Chicago in 1977, and I invited Dr. Stokoe to share the
podium with me - it was an enjoyable moment. But I don't think there was a
person in the audience who didn't agree that our two systems were quite

I guess a comparable question would be: Why don't we blend written Chinese
characters with the Roman alphabet when we write English? Mainly because
each writing system has its own beauty and its own "way of working"... why
blend them?

So out of respect for both systems, I would think it would be best to let
the inventions stand as they are. Each system has its own strengths and
each system contributes to the world in different ways.

By the way, I am hoping to post an article comparing SignWriting with
Stokoe and HamNoSys, around November 1st. There will also be another
article comparing SignWriting and Stokoe posted at a future date. So in
time we will have two articles posted in our Linguistics Forum.

In the middle of October I am hoping to post the Master's Degree thesis by
Amy Rosenberg on SignWriting.

And some good news - Ronice Muller de Quadros, from Brazil, just completed
her dissertation using SignWriting. She sent me quite a number of attached
files and it looks quite exciting - so there are more studies on
SignWriting to come....

Val :-)


Valerie Sutton

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