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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Thu Oct 14, 1999  10:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Dictionaries of different countries

Dear Val,

thank you for further explanation. Today I wrote/constructed an introduction
page for our school book that comes out every year. ESo for the first time
we will present the written sign of our names to many people who will get
curious about this!

One of my first grades sat at the computer and constructed/ excuse me (;-) )
wrote with my support the signs for all the pupils in our class. Doing it
step by step helps a lot to understand the whys ---
He was very happy to accomplish that!
Afterwards we read several signs and started to constr - (excuuuuuse)
write SW-symbols for memory cards.
Remember what I had in mind, when I was so eager to learn about SW?
Exactly this thing happened. Just the way hearing pupils play reading while
just looking at the pictures my little friends smiled. There were plenty of
animals on the ground - and my kids never ever had heard a German name for
these - but now with the help of SW they could place the cards written with
the SW - names (not too many - we just started) next to the animal - they
played reading although we havenīt introduced all the letters you need for
the names. Know what I mean?

Thank you very much for your support! Hopefully some friends will share
there dictionaries or just portions of them!


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