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From:  Peg Lewis
Date:  Mon Jun 8, 1998  7:39 pm
Subject:  Fw: Fw: pictograms

>Hello Joe Martin,
>Peg Lewis forwarded your question to me. I don't know Valerie's response
>will be, but my view will be given.
>I completed my dissertation, "Reading Hidden Messages through Deciphered
>Manual Alphabets on Classic Artwork" just before my graduation last month.
>It mentioned pictographic, ideographic, alphabetic, ideographic components
>during my deciphering process of several types of scripts, but when it
>came to deciphering hand forms (uncovered as ancient manual alphabets) I
>classified them under a new branch: chirographic representation. My
>dissertation mentioned Sutton's development of SignWriting as a modern
>extension of that chirographic branch.
>I hope Valerie will be able to respond to this, too.
>Joseph Castronovo

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