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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Oct 16, 1999  2:02 am
Subject:  Re: 2 signs for Germany

>deaf people who had a trip to the USA told me about the sign for Germany in
>ASL ,
>Here in Germany we sign it like (b)
>Its interesting to me to look at the roots. What is associated the first
>Sign for Germany - does anybody know?
>Anke has been in Egypt a while ago. She told me that they sign Germany
>referring to the Nazi-cross at the upper arm -
>It must be interesting to learn from other countries and their point of view
>Thanks again -


Hi Stefan and Everyone!

Actually the reason I posted the two ASL signs for Germany, was because
Susanne Bentele from Hamburg told me that they use the sign with the index
finger handshape placed at the forehead for "Germany" Hamburg. I was
really suprised, since that is the "old ASL sign" for Germany. So to show
Susanne how we write that sign, I placed it in the SignBank, along with the
other ASL sign for Germany placed there too.

Here in the USA, it has become the norm to try to use the same country sign
that is used by native Deaf people in that country. So the sign for Germany
with the two five-handshapes crossed with wiggling fingers, is the one that
American Deaf people told me was the sign they used in Germany for
"Germany" (smile).

But then Susanne said she had never seen that sign, and now you tell me you
have another sign altogether -ha! Just goes to show why dictionaries are
never perfect, and why placing all the different versions of signs in
dictionaries is probably wise...there are some real strong variations in
every country.

The old ASL sign for Germany with the index finger at the head is
"representing the helmets from World War I" least that is what I am
told. And I was told that Deaf people in Germany felt offended by that
sign used in the USA - so that is one of the reasons it was changed to the
five handshapes crossed.

And your story about Egypt is a good one, because there are a lot of signs
for the USA in other countries that are far from flattering...actually one
of them is slapping the rear end! problem! We can write that in SignWriting (grin)...just put in a
hip line, with a striking contact star under it!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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