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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 20, 1999  4:02 pm
Subject:  SignWriter 5.0 Funding

October 20, 1999

Hello SignWriting List Members!

I have been writing a grant, and yesterday I drove over to Qualcomm, which
is a well-known software and computer development company located in San
Diego, and I handed their corporate office my written request for funding
for SignWriter 5.0. They are meeting about it today, and I will know by
Friday morning. I feel very fortunate that I was able to push this through.
Other people had submitted their grants three months ago, but I squeezed in
at the last minute. Of course, the competition is tough, but even if they
say "no" this time (and they probably will), I am happy that I know the
people there now, because that will help with future grant proposals. One
thing I have learned...if you keep writing the grants and keep submitting
them....sooner or later you do receive funding.

And I will also be submitting similar grants in the next few days to
several other private foundations. Our funding for SignWriter 5.0 is
running out on November 1st. Work on SignWriter 5.0 will continue no matter
what - I will see to that!

The project is going well. We are doing a professional program on a
shoestring. Of course, I am sorry it is taking so long, but other than
that, the future looks bright :-)

If you are interested in the 6 "programming phases" of SignWriter 5.0, you
can now read a little about them on the web. I just posted these pages:

Programming SignWriter 5.0

Six Programming Phases

If there is anyone on the SW List who knows of foundations that support
deaf education or software development projects, please tell me. I am
always looking for new funding sources.

Thanks so much....

And have a great day!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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