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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 20, 1999  8:08 pm
Subject:  SW in Peru

>I am new to the sign writing list. Its very interesting reading all the
>different messages.
>I had read some info about sign writing about 18 years ago when I had been
>new to interpreting. I thought it was very interesting but most people in
>my area wernt too keen on the idea. So I put my old sign writing workbook
>on the shelf.
>Recently I saw info on the net about sign writng and forwarded the info to
>my friend Julie in Peru. She came back to California for a visit and got
>the computer program and other "stuff", so now I have become interested
>in sign writing again. Two years ago my husband and I went to Peru and
>met many Deaf people and visited the Lima area. We are planning on going
>again in 2000. Cant wait !!!
>Caroline Davis Hines


October 20, 1999

Hello Caroline!
Thanks for this great introduction and welcome to the SignWriting List!!

I didn't realize that you were the person who had "put us in touch with
Peru"!! When Julie from Peru contacted me, I had not connected your name
with hers.....That is terrific - and thanks for that!

Yes...18 years ago we had actually already been working for several
years....SignWriting is 25 years old this month. One of my many postings to
come is a "25th Anniversary Article" on the web, which will be a "History
in Photographs".

But 18 years ago was 1981, and that was the year that we published the
first issue of the SignWriter Newspaper - it was a large newspaper all
written by hand with ink pens....

SignWriter Newspaper

So I am not sure how you heard about SignWriting 18 years ago, but the
Newspaper was one way...and then I taught a series of workshops in Los
Angeles at that time too....

Anyway, glad you saw us on the web!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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